Paul Hopkins

(Suits, 19-2, Red 2)

“Shaun has helped me tap into a place of confidence. Working with him has brought breath and life back into my auditions. He’s achieved this by tapping into my sense of play, body and imagination. There’s an ease and comfort in the way Shaun coaches. Clearly, he loves actors and acting, and his joy is infectious. It’s like an obsession with him. His attention to story, character motivation and details is simple, practical and produces immediate results. And the feedback I’ve been getting has gone from zero to wow. Great roles, parts on shows that always seemed to elude me, have started to come my way. I directly credit Shaun’s coaching to helping me land a featured role on Suits, amongst other notable projects.”

Joel Labelle

Joel Labelle Headshot.jpg

(Fargo, Shadow Hunters)

“It’s easy to keep training at the same place and get comfortable but the job of the actor is always changing, so it’s good to shake things up. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started training with Shaun, but my expectations were blown away immediately! Shaun is so passionate about teaching acting and it shows. Compared to other classes I have taken, you get a lot of time on-camera, giving you multiple takes to explore as an artist. The class environment is a great place to fail, learn and try new things. Shaun is an invaluable asset to anyone who takes their acting career seriously.”